Assignment: Redesign the experiment we conducted in class using mentos and soda.

Below you will find helpful information to assist you in completing the assignment.

Independent Variable: The factor in the experiment that you decide to change. (You brainstormed ideas in class within your group)

Dependent Variable: The measurable outcome. Also, the factor that is influenced by what you changed in the experiment.

For example, if I wanted to find out the effect that temperature has on the brightness of a glowstick then my independent variable would be “the temperature” and my dependent variable would be “the brightness of the glowstick”.

Materials: A list of tools, equipment, ingredients or supplies that you will need to conduct your experiment.

For example: 2 blue glowsticks, 2 beakers, hot water, cold water, thermometer, paper towel

Procedures: A list of steps that you will take to conduct your experiment.

For example:

First lay out all of your materials.

Second, pour 50 mL of cold water into one beaker and 50 mL of hot water into the other beaker.

Then, place one thermometer into each beaker and record the initial temperature.

Next, place one glowstick in each beaker at the same time and wait 2 minutes.

After 2 minutes, record your results looking specifically for the brightness of each glowstick.

Finally, use the paper towel to wipe the glowsticks and clean your work station.

I hope this description and example is helpful. I am also available during lunch on Thursday, May 7, 2014 to help.


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  1. chels l says:

    ms deller i dont see the moon video for the project do we really need the moon

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